Monday, October 11, 2010

Winter Arctic Blast Proves Climate Change is Real

Climate change was a very bad choice of words for global warming believers. Climate always changes naturally making it impossible to intelligently blame climate change on global warming. Even when there is some evidence of anthropogenic or man-made warming it is impossible to tell how much. The evidence for natural weather trends causing climate change is overwhelming. Take the recent arctic blast with unusually cold weather in several warm climate states. Florida, Alabama and Texas are just a few of the southern states with global freezing. I was personally in Tennessee, Kentucky and North Carolina the week of January 3rd, 2010 where it was freezing with temperatures well below average. This is real climate change.

Global warming believers are from two different camps yet the same. One camp honestly believes there is global warming and some can be convinced otherwise when lies and fraud are revealed. The other camp has a lot to be gained financially and will easily believe lies because the love of money is more important to them then the truth. A better name for this group can be called the crooked or con camp. The con camp does not care how much money they take from tax payers, how much energy cost rise or how much they have to change the numbers. You see, as long as the con camp gets what it wants nothing else matters. Like a robber of a store, if the customer gets in the way then they may have to empty their wallet too. Or worse. Con camp practitioners will change temperature readings, falsely report their ability to improve pollution standards or anything else to achieve their objective. Cap and Trade has made it easy for some companies and foreign governments to falsify pollution improvements. This in turn can allow these companies and governments to dishonestly earn millions of dollars of carbon credits.

How these two camps are yet the same is obviously because they both believe in global warming but for totally different reasons. The proof of my statements are the percentages of climate change skeptics is growing. With the freezing arctic blast hitting the U.S.A., much of Europe, China and many other countries some others will know the futility of their global warming claims. The real alarmists who think the world will end because of global warming will always be the hardest to convince. But be aware that when summer is back with record hot temperatures these global warming alarmists will be back in full swing.

So what is to be said to these alarmists that will not listen to reason? Nothing. Just repeat the facts of natural climate change and reasonable people will be won over to the truth one by one. Global freezing weather with arctic blast across many states and countries should help convince some. Oh, but I did read somewhere that cold weather is caused by global warming. Al Gore must be laughing all the way to the bank.

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