Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Climate Changing in China Not Likely - Global Warming Can Take a Hike

Interestingly enough China stated that it would not allow Global Warming to get in the way of its nation's growth and basically told the rest of the World to deal with their own issues. Indeed, if you will recall the Clintons and Al Gore have stated that the US is to blame and developing nations should be allowed different rules? So, who is really concerned about Global Warming or is this whole thing turning into a giant hot potato football game?

If China, one of the largest polluters whose pollution blows all the way to the United States is not going to stop polluting CO2 then there is no way that the rest of the World can cut down when China is increasing pollution at such a rapid rate. Of course they did promise to take into consideration all the pollution in its future plans as it expands? Well, lip service is an interesting way to dodge political issues.

Indeed China does not wish to allow pollution issues to affect its toothpaste products or its "protein ingredients" to the food it sells us either? You know, if we are going to talk about Global Warming the meetings should be in China, not in France, where China will have to pony up and give a song and dance. So it seems that that the political Climate Changing in China is a lot less than likely. And China wants Global Warming activist to take a hike, just do not do it on the Great Wall, they will comply when they are ready and not a day sooner.

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