Sunday, October 3, 2010

Climate Change - Side Effect of Global Warming

What is Climate Change? Climate change refers to change in the climate and atmospheric conditions of a particular region or area. This change in climate can be because of uncontrollable changes in or around earth or can be caused by human activities. With recent rise in the temperature of earth's surface due to global warming, it is correct to state that one of the byproducts of Warming is Climate Change.

There is no denial to the fact that the climate of earth all across is changing every day. This is the consequence of continuous warming up of earth and atmosphere around it. The main reason is excess of carbon dioxide and gases like methane and nitrous oxide in the atmosphere. These gases are called greenhouse gases and are the reason for rising green house effect on earth. These gases have the capability to trap the heat and not allow heat to go outside the earth's atmosphere. Hence, they result in more warming.

Global Warming is increasing day by day because of lot of natural and manmade circumstances. With so much of pollution and deforestation all across the globe, It is rapidly increasing. With more and more release of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere around earth, the temperature is also rising. Is it alarming? Well, the answer is yes.

Let us face it that climate change can be life threatening if earth is not able to adjust to it. Due to deforestation, a lot of species of plants, birds and animals are becoming extinct. Due to water pollution, a lot of water species are vanishing. With so much of imbalance in natural activities around, it is impossible to avoid climate change. Plants and trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere; make the air pure for us to breathe. However, we are only cutting them down. We should also grow trees and plants to ensure that the damage done by cutting down the trees is taken care of.

Glaciers are melting due to It and its effect of climate change. With global warming glaciers, lot of places all across the world can get merged under water. We cannot deny the fact that with melting glaciers, the sea levels will also rise. Natural calamities are hints which are given to mankind to beware them of the worst. Are we ready to face this? Well, we are still wondering how to control Global Warming. Global climate change is a threat to all. Countries are trying to invent ways to control it so that we can be healthy and alive in future.

If statistics are to be believed, then the temperature across globe is on rise. 1990s is recorded as the decade for rise in temperature. It is recorded as the warmest decade in almost thousand years. With raise in temperature degrees, extinct animals, plants and trees, melting glaciers, heat waves, it is becoming more and more important to start the fight with aggression against Global Warming.

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