Monday, October 18, 2010

Climate Change - Threat To The Earth And Lives

Today, the unwise use of the natural environment due to ignorance, poverty, overpopulation and greed amongst others has led to the degradation of the world, especially African environment. This degradation occur as Africans attempt to adjust their selfish endless wants and desires for food, shelter, recreation, infrastructural facilities, and have led to soil erosion and desertification and that over crowding has led to the spread of shanty towns and urban blight, all of which would worsen if the present population growth continues. The consequence of this environmental mismanagement is threats.

Climate change is certainly no longer alien. Already, its effects are being felt in the world. one of the pronounced effects of climate change is the gradual warming of the atmosphere which could portend doom for the inhabitants of the earth. A warming atmosphere means rise in sea level, which could lead to coaster flooding, and more diseases such as malaria, West Nile disease, dengue fever and river blindness. Climate change is an "unprecedented" threat to food security and this affects the whole world. Droughts are getting worse and climate uncertainty is growing. The world is getting warming (global warming). "Global warming means that that many dry areas are going to get drier and wet areas are going to get wetter. Africa is truly facing the greatest catastrophe in human history. If nothing is done to proffer sustainable solutions to this threat, large part of the continent may be wipe off. Tony Juniper, executive director of Friends of the Earth said that "Climate change is overwhelming the situation in Africa... unless we take genuine steps now to reduce our emissions, people in the developed world will be condemning millions to hunger, starvation and death".

I'm on a short time research on the effects of this problem in the island area of Lagos, Nigeria...My research so far shows that climate change represents a nightmare scenario for the future of the people of the world. Areas such as Lekki, Victoria Island in Lagos could become submerged. The sea level is rising at an alarming rate, drought and erosion are hitting deep many cities and lives are in serious danger. The consequence of these problems would be dramatic declines in rainfall and a fall in crop yields that could make previous famines look like small tragedies. There are likely to be severe water shortages in many parts of the African continent. We are even seeing the signs of this, as the people are living in great fear even when the words "Climate Change" is a confusing term to them because they lack the proper understand of it.

Despite these diseases such as malaria, West Nile disease, dengue fever and river blindness that were mentioned above, the governments are not even concern about the threat of climate change. Even journalists and media houses are busy promoting political "corruptors" and businesses/organizations that lacks personal or corporate social responsibility rather than educating the common people via public awareness of this devil called "Climate Change". Anyway, many of African journalists don't even know what climate change is all about. IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE. We must stop the various causes of climate change such as:






-Unplanned Industrialization, and


It is time for positive action against climate change

Okon E. Promise is a motivational speaker, environmentalist, business and leadership consultant. He has helped multitudes of people to reached and maximised success. He speakes and consults on business, leadership, entrepreneurship and personal development/effectiveness. He is a C.E.O of a marketing and branding company in Nigeria. He also organizes seminars on the aforementioned areas. He is working on bringing up an NGO for poor and disable people. He is a columnist with 4sight magazine and one of those championing the course for a "NEW NIGERIA" and the reformation of the "AFRICAN CONTINENT" as a whole. He resides in Lagos, Nigeria.

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