Monday, October 18, 2010

Urgent Call - Global Warming and Climate Change

All over the world, countries are experiencing climate change and it's effect to the global environment. Some scientists have claimed that if we don't act now, the damage to our ecosystem will be irreparable. The Amazon Forest is a victim of deforestation for several years. Because of this, different species of animals and rare plants are fast diminishing in numbers. Forest fires is also a factor. Let us not forget the ever present air pollution, improper waste management and the continued use of non biodegradable materials. Mankind was taught for several generations about the importance of having a clean environment and taking care of it for the future generations' sake. However, we have to admit that some doesn't bother anymore because of living a busy life, doesn't have the time nor the interest.

Alarming news of tragedy that erupted globally has spurned researchers to give a hint or to come up with a definite resolution to the problem, but alas, it will take billions of hands to work hand in hand to achieve this seemingly impossible feat. Several countries and industries have already taken steps to introduce products that are environment friendly. For household items there are detergent soaps, bags and kitchen appliances that are made to help minimize the harmful pollutants present in the air that causes the "greenhouse effect". Refrigerators are one of the kitchen appliances that was remodeled to be "CFC" free. Chloroflourocarbon is a pollutant mostly present in air conditioners, refrigerators and other cooling appliances implicated in the acceleration of the ozone layer depletion.

There will be change if all people will help. Solar powered cars are invented, a machine that converts dirty or rainwater to be pottable. Two years ago, biodiesel as an alternative fuel was introduced. It garnered a lot of support from the government and several non profit organizations. Proper waste management, recycling and compost are just few of the simple ways we can help Mother Earth to survive. There's the gasifier that converts municipal solid waste, sewer sludge, petroleum and oily wastes, animal manures, biomass, scrap tires and coal into a renewable resource of energy that can provide electric power for homes, equipment, power plants and motor vehicles.

A joint effort will spur the changes and get the balanced ecosystem back. We can help even in out own ways as industries strive to invent machinery that doesn't harm the environment. I hope that future generations have a clean and environment to live in. The Blue Planet.

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