Sunday, August 8, 2010

SMOG in Makati, Philippines

The rainy season has finally arrived and somewhat alleviated the metro populace from the oppressive heat during the summer. However, the rains brought with it the usual problems facing Manilans at large - sickness and disease, floods and heavy vehicle and commuter traffic. However, the rain has somewhat lessened the developing smog that envelops the metropolis during the day. At one point, the smog in Manila caused disruption in the operation of our international airport several months ago prior to the onset of the rainy season.

Above photo is the Makati skyline enveloped by grayish smog on a bright day. Photo below is the same skyline on a smog-free time of the day.

Imagine that haze of polluted air which we working in Makati inhale in the morning as we go to our offices. The rains could help clean it up a bit but then we have to contend with its attendant problems which our city officials can't seem to solve.

Oh well, life goes on in the city.

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