Sunday, October 3, 2010

Climate Change Crisis - What Should We Do Now?

Recent news of record level floods, worsening winter and even bigger hailstorms reported from all around the world have again reminded us of the climate change alarm bells that have been ringing all the while through the news media, documentaries and online media. Several prominent climate change experts have repeatedly told us that the earth future looks grim if we do not change our habits right now as our Mother Earth is starting to show many "flu" symptoms that we cannot choose to ignore. The ice coverage at the Arctic Ocean is reducing at an alarming rate over the past 30 years. Greenland will one day not be covered by any ice and that will definitely bring up the sea level around the world thus submerging some of the vulnerable coastal island countries like Maldives and small pacific islands that are only a few metres above sea level.

With the overall climate outlook looks increasingly grim, what should one as an individual do to help our mother earth? Experts have come forward and recommend vegetarianism as the way to solve the climate change crisis. Producing meat as food for mankind has been very inefficient and causes wide spread pollution in the farm areas. For example, it it takes 2.6 pounds of corn to produce only one pound of beef. Besides that, rearing of farm animals causes nitrates to leak into ground water through animal wastes and this causes direct pollution into the precious water source. Livestock-rearing have reportedly found to be main contributor of green house gases as compared to motor vehicles as their waste also produce methane gas which is 30 times more effective than carbon dioxide in trapping heat.

Promoting vegetarianism maybe one of the key solution as it helps in reducing the amount of livestocks demanding for food and produces wastes. Generally, human are able to benefit their health through more consumption of more vegetables and also by having more vegetables in the planet, that will means having more plants to absorb the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. What we now need is probably the will power to change our meat eating habit so that we can have a better place to live in for many generations to come...

Mr Chee Ming Ho
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