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Solar Technology – Myths Explained

Solar Technology – Myths Explained by Brown

As we speed up the momentum to save earth and its precious non renewable energy resources, more and more people are encouraged to invest in solar technology on their property.

How solar photovoltaic panels generate electricity?
A solar photovoltaic panel comprises of one or two layers of cells which are made from semi conductors such as silicon. During day light when the sun shines on the cell, an electricity field is generated across the layers. The electricity flows within the layers of the cell. This electricity is colleted at a central point on the roof space which is then converted from a direct current (DC) to an alternating current (AC) and transported into your home for use. In case the solar photovoltaic panels generate extra energy you can sell it the National Grid, UK and earn money on it as well.

Before you go ahead with installing photovoltaic panels on your property, you do need to check the property for the suitability for the same –

Your home should already have electricity supply meter
You own freehold of the property. In case you reside on a leased or rented property, you do need permission of the owner of the property.
Mid-floor flats and basement properties are not suitable for photovoltaic panel installations
Generally, you do not require permission for installing home solar panels. In case you reside in listing building area or conservation area or World Heritage Site you do need check out with planning officer of your area nevertheless.
Flat roofed properties are ideally most suitable for solar panels while      heavily shaded or north-facing roof spaces are most unsuitable.

Minimal maintenance and service required -
 As you are well aware of the advantages of installing home solar panels, you would be even more pleased to know that they require minimal maintenance. Generally, rain showers can take care of cleaning issues of these panels however for more complex issues you could always contact your installation service provider for the same. It helps if you conduct a routine check of your solar panels on an annual basis.

Compatibility of Home Solar Panels with Boilers and Heaters
In most cases, conventional boiler and heating systems do function well with solar water heating panels while combination boilers with no separate water cylinders are not compatible with solar heating panels. With regards to concerns regarding hot water generating capacity, this again depends upon the size of the solar panels installed and weather conditions. In most general cases, the solar panel is capable of generating almost 1/3 of regular hot water requirements.

Solar Technology and Power cuts
For safety reasons, most solar technology systems get automatically switched off during a power cut. When the power is restored, they do get switched on. In all, solar technology panel are safe to use especially at homes.

Solar Technology is energy efficient and green energy. As a powerful source of zero emission energy, most households could go ahead with installation of solar panels on their property if found suitable. Solar technology panels are definitely expensive but require almost no maintenance and a single annual service. Moreover, by simply using them you can lower your bills to a great extent and earn by selling extra electricity to the National Grid as well.

So take the right step in the right direction to reduce your carbon footprint and provide your future generation a healthy and greener mother earth to live  in.

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