Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Response to Global Warming 10 Most Insane Solution

In response to global warming, scientists have thought for a number of ways in which to introduce dozens of the most insane solution:

1. the construction of sunglasses for the Earth
Some scientists have proposed the construction of sunglasses for the Earth to combat global warming: a circle placed near the equator of the particles scatter sunlight to reduce solar radiation on the Earth, to offset the heat generated by the greenhouse effect. This crazy idea may take several trillion dollars.

2. putting in a lot of iron in the ocean
Plankton photosynthesis of carbon dioxide in food, with the death of these organisms, carbon dioxide is also sank. Iron to stimulate plankton growth, it was suggested putting in a lot of iron in the sea in order to stimulate the growth of a large number of plankton, which absorb the excess carbon dioxide.

3. extended flight, lower altitude
Isolation in aircraft flight cloud evaporation heat of the earth. Some scientists have suggested lower altitude aircraft, so flying is impossible to form clouds. Lower altitude means the flight distance increased, but scientists believe that the effects of flying clouds reduce the fuel will be offset by the increase in damage.

4. growing algae in the ocean surface
James made use of environmentalists to the ocean depths rich pipeline pumping water to the ocean surface oxidation, a lot of seaweed farming in the air to absorb carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide as the algae die and then sank.

5. planting fake tree
Scientists proposed that 100,000 fake tree planting to absorb carbon dioxide, the fake trees can absorb carbon dioxide through a filter and stored. The fake tree model may be as large as the container, but the absorption of carbon dioxide will be the true ability of trees thousands of times.

6. into the aerosol in the air
Some of the air suspension on the atmospheric aerosol cooling effect, a part of these small molecules can block solar radiation, and reflected into space. Scientists proposed that can simulate volcanic eruptions, a large number of aerosol into the atmosphere to combat global warming.

7. to retain the worm in the kitchen
You can keep a certain number of worms the kitchen, they are a waste of bread crumbs and apple cores for food, and then turning it into fertilizer, fertilizer for the garden or planting indoor plants.

8. the carbon dioxide buried in the ground
Some scientists have suggested that carbon dioxide collected and buried in the underground rock, coal seam gas fields or vacant. First, the carbon dioxide separated, then compressed and injected into the ground. This program is not only the cost of large, and there is also underground gas seepage risk.

9. live in garbage houses built
British scientists are making, such as recycled glass from the garbage, sewage sludge and other building materials made of, so that waste can be used to build houses, and stone and metal than the use of more energy efficient.

10. prohibit the use of plastic bags and light bulbs
In response to the white pollution, the use of recycled or recyclable paper bags green bags. More energy-efficient fluorescent lamps to replace incandescent lamps can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and household electricity.

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Above article summarizes proposed solutions to address climate change issues. Some may think of these solutions as insane but others will probably look at it as novel and necessary steps to take. Any other "insane" ideas to cope with global warming?

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