Thursday, May 27, 2010

Manila Temperatures - It's too hot in Manila

If you live in Manila, the city is sizzling with mercury levels topping 35 to 36 degrees celsius around noon to early afternoon. Based on available information from the weather monitoring instruments set up at the Manila airport, Manila temperatures for the last three days beginning Monday, the following temperature highs were recorded (in degrees celsius):

Monday, 24 May, 1400H, 34 deg
Tuesday, 25 May, 1400H, 35 deg
Wednesday, 26 May, 1200H, 36 deg

Whether you believe in global warming and climate change or not, you feel it. As far as I can remember, it has never been this hot in Manila for prolonged periods. At this time, I will be following the temperature highs for the next few weeks until the onset of the rainy season which hopefully will come by June.

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