Monday, September 27, 2010

Climate change reform - The Way We Think

Global warming. What comes to mind? Scam, fraud control, new world order!

These are the things that come to my mind. I assume that the biggest problem I have is the fact that the Earth has always been changing, desert were once the oceans, dinosaurs once roamed the Earth, the Mighty Colorado River was once.... mighty. Our Earth has been warming since the end of the last ice age. I do not believe that humans have played a significant role in this trend, but that is actually what the discussion is all about.

Conservation efforts must be for the sake of conservation. Why should people be facing potential destruction before doing anything about taking care of our environment? Having less pollution in itself is good. Trying to recycle our waste and reuse materials such as plastics and metals instead of simply burying them underground should be good, isn't it? Isn't it better to dispose an old car down and retrieve, remelt and fabricate steel and plastic from them than to  simply mine for additional resources?

Better Gas Milage, greater efficiency on our devices, better insulation in our homes... who can possibly be against all this? Americans. Not all but a lot of Americans don't like being told what to do. Our embrace and concept of freedom needs to be tempered by reality that the Earth cannot maintain a constant supply of all the resources we consume. Crude Oil is not a renewable resource. It takes millions of years to make and best estimates show that the oil left that is yet to be easily extracted by current technology can supply us for the next 60 years. This alone should force us to look for alternative energy resource and develop new technologies to efficiently use current resources, global warming or not.

As the world population grows to 9 billion from the current estimate of 5 to 6 billion, we will put a strain on the planet. Greater sensitivity to the eco-system will be needed in the near future. Our homes can be a starting point to reduce our impact on our environment. The future could be where each home produces enough energy to sustain itself and is no longer dependent on a grid infrastructure. Isn't this a good thing to have? Global warming or not? 

Who doesn't want to be independent? Americans. Some Americans, although not all, will always want someone else to do things for us. We want to simplify our lives and what's easier than having to pay bills automatically?
Convenience and the American way of life are big hurdles we have to confront with regards to addressing the problems to our Environment. There is no a question whether or not we have an impact on our planet! The important debate in this country is whether or not someone can come up with a way to make these conservation methods easy. Until that happens we will continue to conveniently deny that we have anything to do with Climate Change.
Convenience, it's what we Americans are good at.

By: David Reyes

Basically, it's not only Americans but also other people in the world that impact on the environment. It is time to take responsibility for all our actions. It may take some time for some of us to change our habits due to our culture and way of life, but with all the information given to us, let us take action in our own little way.

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